Redemption Presbyterian Church was a spiritual family whose mission was to love God and others as we grew in and shared the good news of redemption in Christ. To God be the glory.


Dear Visitor,

Redemption Presbyterian Church made the very difficult decision in July, 2017 to close our doors. We started worshipping at Great Valley Middle School nearly a decade ago as Faith Church, and moved into the Malvern Borough in 2012, later renaming as Redemption Presbyterian Church. Those years combined joy and pain, blessings and trials. Over the last several months leading to our closure, we recognized that the best way to serve Jesus and build His Kingdom was not to pour ourselves into simply keeping a small church open, but rather to send out our wonderful people and resources to other places where God could richly use them.

The fact that it was a Kingdom-first decision made it no less bittersweet. It was our immense privilege to love and serve Malvern and beyond, and we are so grateful to God for allowing us to share his Good News in word and deed with our community. From our Sunday worship services at the historic Baptist Church building, to crazy weeks of Summer Kids' Camp, to meeting our neighbors at Malvern festivals in the park, it was a joy to worship and minister in the Borough.

If you came to our website looking for a place to worship, we encourage you to visit one of the many other great churches in the area, including our local sister churches in the Presbyterian Church in America (see map here). We are thankful that our closure does not negate the thriving growth of Christ's Church in this area and around the world.

To God be the Glory!

Interim Pastor John Orlando and the Interim Session of Redemption Presbyterian Church
August 1, 2017